A Day?

What to do with a day?

Do you work? If you work, what do you do? Are you standing on your feet all or part of the day or are you sitting behind a desk? Do you interact with people all day long or do you shuffle through a long list on numbers?

Do you go to school? Do you study hard for several hard classes or do you breeze through your classes, taking breaks in between each bout of homework? Do you teach at the school you go to instead of learn?

Is it even possible to not learn at a school, even if you are not officially a student?

Do you stay at home and do things there? Cook, sew or clean? Do you tend to your children or others’ children?

Do you read or write or draw? Do you create?

What do you do with a day?

Picture: from martha0stout’s camera

As long as you continue to live, you can answer these question for yourself.


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