Cats and their Looks

Cats are interesting creatures. I can’t really remember a time when my family didn’t have at least one (usually more) in residence. You don’t really own a cat, mostly.They own you and make sure that you know it, most of the time. There are cats that let you believe that you are the owner, and it is them letting you think that. The only truth on your ownership is according to our laws, not their’s. We don’t really know very much about their laws, just that they apply mostly to themselves and anyone else they deem important enough to notice.

Cats are very caring, though. They look after us in a way that we can’t do for ourselves.

They can give you a look that tells you just how stupid you are being at the moment. Actually, they can give you something like 50 different versions of that look that all mean you’re being stupid about something but still have each look be just that little bit different so that you know it’s about something else than whatever it was you were doing before. (Trust me on this, I spent one summer between years of middle school cataloging different looks such as these from my cat, Tommy. He seemed to be of the eternal belief that I was almost too stupid to have somehow survived before he came along.

He also wasn’t my first cat. Which is probably how I managed to survive the first 13 years of my life without him.)

When they claim you as their’s, they love you like you can’t believe is possible. You are their’s and they are very possessive, but that possessiveness is because they love you and don’t want you to leave them, because, obviously, no one knows how to handle you like they do and they would be doing you a great disservice in letting you leave them.

And now my cat, Usako, is staring at me with her, “It’s late, you’re supposed to be sleeping. Why aren’t you doing this?” look.

Rest well.


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