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Exists Only in Tales

Human beings often think that they are the dominant species on earth. This is both true and not true at the same time. Let me explain: Humans are the dominant species on earth insomuch that they seem to control the … Continue reading

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Hundreds mourn Regina teen’s death online

When I was in elementary school we heard about the Y2K bug and how it was going to cause all kinds of problems. This might be the real internet disease of our world.

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Bridal Shower

Well, we’re in countdown people. The wedding will take place in exactly nine days. That’s less than one and a half weeks. She’s going to be married to someone she used to chase around with a stick, but he chased … Continue reading

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He Found Her

Sometimes things don’t go as you want. Sometimes things do go as you want. And sometimes…things go even worse. He wanted everything. His hunger was too great, he wanted all that existed, all that had existed and all that would … Continue reading

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Never Alone in the Night

The dark itself has never scared me. It has, instead, been a comfort to me as it envelopes me because it wraps around me like a velvet blanket of peace. The dark of the night is simply the sun taking … Continue reading

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Somehow, this makes sense to me

Peace, according to A Student’s Dictionary, means 1)a period of harmony among nations when there is no war and 2) a calm ordered condition. It is believed that peace is a derivative of the Latin word pax meaning “freedom from civil disorder.” It … Continue reading

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Won’t Leave You Behind

There are many tales in the world about gods and goddesses, about creatures and heroes and, of course, about monsters. But what about the ordinary people? They, too, have many tales, perhaps more than all of the others put together, … Continue reading

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