Be Still and Know

I’m lost in this day and age of now, now, now.

There is no wait, there is no rest.

Patience is like endurance, it is a thing of the past.

Where do I go to find peace?

Peace is not something that you can buy or sell,

It’s value can never be determined and yet it is priceless.

Where do you find it, this peace that makes life worthwhile?

Do you retire to the wilderness, making nature your tabernacle?

Do you enter a chapel and listen to the hymns of an organ or piano?

Do you retreat to your art, music or writing?

Maybe it is finding the beauty in another’s work that brings you peace.

For myself, I find it in quiet prayer and contemplation,

Safe in the knowledge that I am not alone in this life.

But have Another who is always looking out for me,

Even when I cannot see Him myself.

Peace fills my heart and calms my mind.

I know that there is a Plan for me, but that I also have choices in it.

This life is not for rushing and not for idle chatter,

Though those too have their place.

Refuge is something that I can find and carry with me,

But it will need renewal in order to remain,

Renewal I can find in my study of my faith.


9 thoughts on “Be Still and Know

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