What does it take to get everything done?

Who says what stays and what goes?

Do my opinions matter at all?

Or is it only you who gets to speak?

If I do not matter, than I do not matter,

Don’t pretend that you’re doing this for me.

You’re doing this for you and using me as an excuse.

You were elected to serve as my voice, as the voice of your people,

Not to stand in a grand hall and listen to your own voice.

Just because you have a grand title,

Does not mean that you are serving for yourself.

We have chosen you to help lead us by listening to our voice.

So listen and listen well, and take the time given you

To hear our voice, the voice of the people.

Our fate is in your hands because we believed in you to believe in us.

Take this time to remember that you are in service to us

And not we in service to you.

These are my thoughts upon waking up and finding out that my government is once again up and running, but with the knowledge hanging over us that this too has a stop clock. We have an abeyance in order for all of Congress to get their act together.


9 thoughts on “Listen

    • I know. This has been bugging me for the last two weeks. Everyday it’s “we’re too busy fighting amongst ourselves to do our jobs. Because we’re doing so, lots of other people can’t do their jobs.”


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