Never Alone in the Night

The dark itself has never scared me. It has, instead, been a comfort to me as it envelopes me because it wraps around me like a velvet blanket of peace. The dark of the night is simply the sun taking a break, but still not leaving us completely alone. It’s light still comes to us via the sun’s long-time friend the moon and it’s siblings in the night sky the stars.

Even on a cloudy night or a night where there is no moon and too much light pollution to see the stars I know that they are there. Just because I can’t see them doesn’t mean I don’t believe that they are there, watching over me. It’s very much how I think of the Lord. Even when I can’t see Him, I know that He is there and watching over me to keep me safe so long as I heed whatever warnings HE is able to send me.

There are many ways He can do that, many are completely explainable through scientific means. To me, this doesn’t mean that I don’t see His hand in them. He already knows all about the natural laws that govern our world, why shouldn’t He use them when He needs to do something. The only thing about natural laws that change is our own understanding of them, not His. This brings me as much comfort as my knowledge of the stars in the sky at night.

It is never truly dark out unless we refuse to acknowledge the stars that glitter in our night sky.


This is a day late as I had problems with understanding what the prompt said yesterday. (Yesterday was very hectic and I missed a lot of things until I was falling asleep and so I just figured I’d handle it in the morning…where lots of other things happened to put me off my computer until now.)

This was for this week’s FreeWriteFriday prompt:


10 thoughts on “Never Alone in the Night

  1. Great post Martha! As Colline said it is never too late for a #FWF post and whatever speaks to you and flows onto the page is just right! I was captured by your words, thank you for sharing!


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