Different Life

The room spins about her and she is lost, so very lost. She has never been dizzy before in her life, at least, not physically. Now it is too common a thing and her husband assures her that it is normal for someone in her condition to have sudden cases of vertigo all over the place.

She has been confined to bed by the doctors that her husband hires to check up on her and she takes all the medicine that they prescribe, worry for her small blessing pushing her to trust in the better knowledge of such people. The fact that her child will be very different from other children does not lower her worry, it heightens it instead. Even with her natural healing abilities she worries that her fledgling will not live to see it’s birth.

What she is not aware of is that the ‘medicine’ that she is taking is not all healing. A great many of them are instead for something far more sinister. normally she would have been able to tell. Her senses were better than his, but they were also dulled after spending so much time away from the natural aromas of earth. The pregnancy of a hybrid child was also throwing her senses even further out of balance.

“I wonder where my life will go after this.” she whispered to herself as the lights in the castle, for it was a proper castle now, were slowly extinguished.

She watched out her window as soon the only lights were in the corners of the castle as the watchmen kept the grounds safe. She never interacted with the men in the castle, other than her husband and the doctors he hired. She didn’t interact with a lot of the women either.

Human life was far more different than she thought it would be when she had been plucked from her forest home.

Written for this week’s Trifecta challenge:



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