Freezing Too Much To Hurt

Sitting here and remember different times in life when I was this frozen. The last time I remember being this cold was my senior year in high school where our gas was turned off. We could afford some food and the rent and some of the electricity bill. It snowed a lot that winter as I recall, but miraculously no one got sick.Our house was well insulated and we had lots of lovely wool sweaters brought back by my sister from Germany.

The coldest moment that winter would be one day when it was blizzard-ing on my way in to school. The entrance hall was filled with slush and I was late for class. With a hurried gait and a sleep-deprived mind I ran through the doors of my high school.


With my tush growing cold in the slush and my head slightly ringing from the impact I lay there. Several other teens rushed over.

“Are you all right?!”

“That HAD to hurt!”

“I think she’s stunned!”

With a gasp of breath I regain my air and promptly lose it by laughing almost hysterically.

“I wish I could have seen that!” I gasp out between breaths as everyone just kind of stares at me.

Written for this week’s Trifecta challenge:


14 thoughts on “Freezing Too Much To Hurt

  1. OMG this story. So…. senior year of high school, first snow of the winter was BAD. Last day of classes, ready to go home, and I decided to run after a friend. Turns out they just mopped the floor. SPLAT. Anyway, I related to this story BIG TIME. I was in pain but laughing, back supported by the school janitor until the ambulance arrived. The head nun rode to the hospital with me – roads were slow because of the heavy snow… in the end the only thing damaged was my TUSH aka my tailbone. Had to sit lightly for a few days. But yeah, that was my similar experience! Totally funny and similar!


    • *grins* I’m glad that you too saw the humor in it and I’m glad nothing too damaging happened to your tailbone. I was lucky. I’ve been falling for what seems like my entire life (VERY accident prone) so my body seems to know how to fall to minimize damage for the most part. This has saved me from so many problems, but is always funny at the same time.


      • I fall all the time too!!! Problem is, I finally think it caught up with me. I’m 25 and somehow have a herniated disc in my lower lumbar region. They said a cause could have been – dun dun duuuuuuuun – an old fall. There you go!! It still is funny to me though. 🙂


      • I hear ya. Had a horrible fall back in my teens and now I have to walk with a cane and have lovely migraines and daily stretches to keep my neck from locking up. Of course considering the fall I had I should have been paralyzed so I’ll take what I can get. Still, a herniated disc sounds awful! Can anything be done?


      • Probably, but honestly with the risk of high medical bills, I just work on strengthening my back and core muscles to prevent further injury, taking pain meds when *ahem* certain monthly things make my back ache, and just hope for the best.

        Everything I’ve heard says all they can do is inject cortisone (nope) or take the offending section out of your back (nope nope nope) so I won’t take action unless it proves to be causing major nerve damage. So far it hasn’t so… maybe it will heal itself slowly with time as I continue to lose weight and strengthen my muscles!

        I’m sorry yours was so awful but glad it wasn’t paralyzation. Now I wonder if that’s why I started get random migraines too… O_o oh well, I will play dumb unless it threatens to interfere with daily life! (Bad hypochondriac Julia!)


      • I’m glad that you have a plan of action. I spent years just ignoring it before giving in and looking for things to help as well. It was a bit before I realized that I should probably try and strengthen the muscles in my neck and back. *looks sheepish*

        But yeah, the tension that a screwed up spine or back can give horrible tension migraines. I’m glad that you have meds that work for it though!


  2. I could relate to this. I’ve been embarrassed falling more times than I could count. Amazingly, I haven’t broken anything in any of those falls. (I did break a finger, but that’s another story!)

    Right before the slip and fall, you have a sentence that begins, “With a hurried gate and a sleep-deprived mind” – did you mean to use “gait” instead of “gate”?


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