One Resolution, Three Words

Finish my novel

My resolution for this year is to finally finish the novel I started for Nanowrimo and have been working on ever since. This is the second draft of this story and sometimes I just want to say it’s done even though it’s not just to make it go away.

It’s a fusion world between two series that I watched a lot of back in the 90’s: Sailor Moon and Star Trek. It’s a weird fusion that was inspired by one of the best friends I had as a child. In a way they kind of compliment each other, but also disregard certain things from those two fandoms.

This resolution is brought to you by Trifecta.


19 thoughts on “One Resolution, Three Words

  1. Good luck! I sympathize with the feeling of wanting it to just go away 😉 I’m horrible at editing my own stuff! Here’s hoping you achieve your resolution and have a Happy New Year!


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  3. I love ‘Star Trek’ had to be my favorite show as a child..right up there with the Twilight Zone…An d Bewitched and i dream of Jeannie..but wait..the Beverly Hill Billies… but i digress…..

    A Sci always someone i can relate to …
    As space is a frontier..i always love to unlimited every things….

    Happy 2014.. to ya.. !


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