Colorful Characters

When I was just a little girl,
Often asked of me
My favorite color was inquired,
but how to pick just one?
Writing was also a way to speak
Of which color had caught my fancy.
So each new character I wrote
A different color theme.
Topaz, last girl alive,
Her family, clan all gone.
Was drawn in reds and oranges and browns,
The warmth she’d lost all around.
Sara Star, one part of half,
Lost in space and time.
Was drawn in yellows, both pale and bright
As she searched the world for Light.
Crystal’s not alone, not by a shot,
Her brother will do anything to keep her safe.
Drawn in icy blues and greens,
A Forest Child with magic in her veins.
Not the last nor the least,
Melissa died first, but not alone.
Drawn in indigo and violets,
Her death was not wasted, but necessary.
These are only a few of the people I’ve written,
Some will have died while others still lived,
And still more might be recently revived.
Not all leading ladies, different as their colors.
The colors I like will always change
And new characters will show that tale.
I can’t pick just one alone,
Because the whole is too beautiful.

Written for today’s Daily Post prompt, the first time I’ve ever taken part. I sat for a bit trying to think of something I could write that would incorporate all of the colors of Roy G. Biv in a way that didn’t feel forced. This wasn’t forced, but I know there are parts that probably feel choppy. Ah well. I writes what I writes.

10 thoughts on “Colorful Characters

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