Kind of Defeated

The day was going along great!
No one late, no one sick,
No one arguing about what makes them tick.
The day is sunny, no clouds in sight.
For some reason, it doesn’t feel quite right.
Slowly my family starts to trickle home,
Children arrive first, at least an hour before Mom.
And suddenly that feeling is explained,
My niece has been avoiding homework.
*long sigh, let it out*
Hold in your anger, she’s just a teen,
Still trying to figure out her place in between.
Several hours later the other shoe drops.
I had believed she’d not finished somethings
Since the middle of Fall.
Turns out I was wrong,
Wrong about it all.
Several packets undone since the first week of school.
Must not tear my hair out and scream,
It really won’t help.
I’ll just go curl up in a corner
And wait it all out.

I’m kind of drained, so the verses aren’t even. Yesterday kind of defeated me and this morning followed along. I’m just tired and kind of want to crawl back into bed, but I can’t. Have laundry to do so that we’ll have enough clothes until next week’s laundry day and maybe I’ll bake something. That usually helps.

Anyway, I used this week’s prompt from Dungeon Prompts:


11 thoughts on “Kind of Defeated

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  2. Seems like it always happens on the days that are going along great, when we’re not ready for it, the ball drops. Can be a struggle for sure.


  3. I enjoyed reading your post…and I could feel the angst and holding back takes energy. I am late in reading this (long day of work at home, no less) You seem to have much patience and control…the verses are just as they should be, life is not linear and perfect, it has bumps and hurdles and your post breathes this very well. Blessings, Oliana xx


  4. Very interesting. It shows the “anger” side that is more the “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed” that is characteristic of my Mom. Sometimes, I feel that the seething anger is more pernicious to the target of the anger than explosive anger…


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