Sacrifice Acceptable

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Study, work, never any rest. Oh for the days when sunlight was all I needed! Now I am mortal, fragile and perfect. There is a chance at life ahead of me. Sacrifice acceptable.

Written for this week’s Trifextra. I made sure that this week was a 33-word challenge. Last week I thought it was and it drove me mad only to discover I’d mixed things up! laughs


17 thoughts on “Sacrifice Acceptable

  1. “Mortal, fragile and perfect – what a fantastic line, and how intriguing. What was she before, that she would trade that existence for mortality? (At least, that’s how I read it…)


  2. It is quite a wonderful thing when the sacrifice is worth the trouble.
    When using a photograph on your blog, you need to pay attribution by way of a link back to the artist as explained in our post. Please add the credit or remove the picture. Thanks!


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