Joy Streaked Sorrow

Gone for so long
I reach out once more.
I’m afraid to move on,
But I know the future is more.
This time not forgotten,
I will carry it always.
Within my heart.

Written for the final prompt from Trifectra:

I’ve seen many things end and begin in my life, even if they are not things that are on a stage like Trifectra. They have been something to me and though I have mourned their ending, knowing that each ending can be another’s beginning has given me joy within that sorrow.

Thank you, Trifectra editors, your challenges helped me learn that you can say a lot with only a little.


12 thoughts on “Joy Streaked Sorrow

  1. I love how this piece works as a farewell to Trifecta, but it also stands on it’s own as a deep emotional piece. Great work!


  2. A beautiful farewell and I love that you wove in the “fear” of unseen-of venturing to unknown/unfamiliar territory-sigh!All the best to you Martha and hope to see you around:-)


  3. I think a lot of us learned the same lesson: what is the point of using many big words when a few carefully chosen ones could be just as powerful? I’m just rewording what you said but I hadn’t thought of it that way and it is an important lesson I will remember 🙂


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