That One Time Productions – Day Ten

Come one come all!
You’ve never seen
The likes of which we’ve ever been!
Words and pictures finally unite!
That One Time Productions is almost on the scene.

Written for today’s offering for NaPoWriMo:

Also, one of my sisters and I are finally collaborating on a project together. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. She draws and I write and we’ve both been working on different projects since grade school with our chosen medium, but rarely (if ever) have we done a project together.

I’ll probably write more about this the farther we get in the project.


5 thoughts on “That One Time Productions – Day Ten

  1. This sounds so exciting! When I was in grade school my sister and I would write plays…good Lord the poor students that would have to listen to my sister the Director and me her assistant…haha. My sister writes beautifully and is gifted in drawing too. Maybe someday we will mend our fences and we could do something together. I find your project so exciting!!


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