Leave and I will Cry – Day Twenty-Nine

A mighty moment rules all,
In the same way I am a tree.
I feel the bite of the wind,
Listen to the howling of my mind
And taste the sweetness of the sap.
The scent of my morning glory is divine
And I watch the upward journey of the vines.
And yet, the sound of colors surrounds me,
Causing the dissolution of my sight.
I call out to God
And wonder why I’ve lost the way Home.
I am no longer a tree, but a coffin,
Built for nothing more than to rot.
Yet the growth of flowers surrounds me.
My life seems to be nothing but a metaphor
Which shows that surviving is hopelessly sought
By those who would despair of your garden
Seeing that nothing will ever change if it is attempted.
Because life is more than just saying
The moving tree of intangibility.
The sunset’s gaze shows me how I should proceed.
The tree within me takes flight,
The roots of it trailing behind as a bridal veil.
Mattie continues her walk through the mirrored hall,
Knowing that soon the pictures will be clear in meaning
The mirror will no longer be blinding.
Soon I shall find the end of the Mirrored House
And know what it is to be the flying tree.
“Оставьте и я буду плакать,”
Says the Earth below as she reaches out for me.
I continue to glide away
Not knowing of what comes my way.
Because the tree, with roots like a bridal veil
Continues it’s flight throughout the sky above,
Knowing that it will someday find it’s Home.

Whew! That was hard, but totally worth it!

NaPoWriMo prompt: http://www.napowrimo.net/2014/04/day-29/


21 thoughts on “Leave and I will Cry – Day Twenty-Nine

  1. I couldn’t possibly say whether it fits the prompt or not, but it is a really, really good poem regardless! Great job!!! *smile*


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