Finally I have found my place
Or has it found me?
Reading and writing have ever been my escape.
What are you selling?
Silently, yet with presence, words have come.
Another day has come and gone
Little did I know that this is what would be done.
Even should I only have a piece of paper and a pen.
Well, what are you buying?
For often it is only for a little while;
Only for today will I use this.
Ready or not, the ideas will come.
Please don’t feed the plot bunnies.
Reality is fluid, but only for a moment.
Even still I put my pen to the paper
Not yet knowing what words will flow.
Thinking that once written, they will leave me be.
They don’t need any help!

Written for this week’s DungeonPrompt:

Also, in a it of an homage to a story that was supposed to be a one off several years ago, but then was fed by reviewers on another site. That story is still going strong and I wonder how it went from a short little introspective piece to an actual plot line.


19 thoughts on “Signs

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  3. I truly love this poem; it is amazing how you can send a powerful message and add that piece “for sale, for rent”…you do this very well btw:) My favourite line is Reality is fluid, but only for a moment. So ture and if you are not present right at that moment (or have a handy pen and notebook) you lose it (sigh). I really need to use my recorder more often on my phone. I has got me out of a jam (panic mode when I feel a string of great words in my head walking).


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