Life Will Happen

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought it’d be done.

Thought it’ll be over soon.

Thought wrong.

Life has a way of just happening.

Of just coming along and throwing a spanner into the gears.

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought it was just a moment’s delay.

Thought ‘I’ll be out of here.’

Thought wrong.

Thought it would be over soon.

Through fire and ice and the loneliness of time I have survived.

Thought this would be no different.

Thought wrong.

Life happens a lot.

It happens more than people will think.

It happens more than they will admit.

But it still happens.

All the platitudes and all the attitudes don’t make any difference.

Most of the time.

There will be times when there is nothing you can do.

You will watch and know that you are powerless to stop anything from happening.

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought ‘I’m almost at the end.’

Thought wrong.

Written in part because it wouldn’t get out of my head whenever I think about this one particular part in the Former Guardian series, the part right before Comet is sent to another world entirely by her sister and in part because when I saw the prompt for the Daily Post today ( it all just came out of my fingers.

At least now I can maybe work on something else…

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