Something in the Wind

She moved around the small house, the walls told of so many memories, both good and bad. Things had happened here and she had been there when they had. Now the house stood empty and desolate, the walls slowly crumbling yet happier then they had ever been whole.

The wind blew through the open doorway and a chill settled over her. She pulled her coat closer around her and turned to leave.

“I’ll never forget you…”

She stopped, but didn’t turn back, her lip trembling. No tears fell and she continued on her way.

The past had already left.

Written for the Friday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge:

This afternoon is a rather melancholy one for me for some reason. Though it has not been unpleasant, rather it has been very thoughtful in its own right.

It just feels like there’s something in the wind today…


18 thoughts on “Something in the Wind

  1. I loved the gentleness of this piece. There was a calmness of someone briefly revisiting the past but with a mission to move on. A great take on the prompt.


  2. The last line was excellent about the past. I know what you mean about the word limits. I find the 100 prompt very challenging. You did a good job with this writing. I do sense the melancholy, but the good thing about writing is often releases whatever emotion needs to released:~) Well done.


    • Thank you. I do enjoy writing and the release it brings. Sometimes facing your past, whether in reality or just on paper, really helps you to move forward and to be at peace with the decision to move forward.

      And yes, the 100 word limit is a challenge, but I’m glad for it. It has certainly helped me!


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