Work It Out Kitties

I know that you’re scared
Right now you’re not prepared.
It will get better, don’t you fret.
So don’t run away just yet.
Why can’t we be friends?
Usually you’re just a pest
So of course you’ll want to be the best.
At least try to let her in
Kindly will you try to begin?
Oh I wish you’d try to get along…

Two kitties learning to get along while the third just watches and waits in the wings to see what will be the fallout.

I wanted to use this for this week’s Traces Prompt ( because when I thin of open doors lately, I think of my cat learning to get along with my sister’s cat. It’s going to be tough going for the next while. Cotton, the eldest cat, is just observing the interactions between Iris (sister’s cat) and Usako (my cat). In the end, Cotton is the Alpha cat while the other two are figuring out whose the second top cat.


10 thoughts on “Work It Out Kitties

  1. It is amazing how animals get into their pecking order and this alpha cat who is waiting to see if he should dare open up at all. A great example! It took many months to get where my Bette is now…at least they have claws and can scurry away if things don’t work out {smiles}


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