Cover the Emptiness

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She pulled on her father’s boots last, taking the time to do up all the laces and then tuck the excess into the side around her feet. The boots were large, larger than she had initially thought.

But at the same time, they were just the right size.

Her father wasn’t at home. In fact, he hadn’t been at home for a very long time. He likely wouldn’t be home for several more months, if he came home at all.

So she would pull on his boots and walk around the house in them all day long. If she had to leave to do anything, the boots would go with her, slowing her down and reminding her that they didn’t fit.

They would never fit.

But it would keep her father closer to her throughout the day.

She would do this every month for one whole day until her father came back from his tour of duty.

Mary smiled as she clomped around the house, making enough noise to cover up the emptiness.

Written for today’s Light and Shade Challenge:

Also written in honor of not only the men and women that serve our country but their families who are without during their service.

Thank you.


22 thoughts on “Cover the Emptiness

    • Thank you. I was thinking a little about my niece. When her mother was in the National Guard she had to do drills and maneuvers and whatnot once a month (or was it every other month? She was in the Reserves) my niece would try on her mother’s shoes and clomp about the house in them while her mother was gone for the whole weekend. She was three years old and so the shoes were enormous on her little feet!


  1. Nicely written! I didn’t expect the ending, but felt it in my heart. I agree about the last line. It is powerful, but so is the entire story. You did well with creating the tension of wondering why she’s wearing her father’s boots.


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