Like Christmas – Ramble-y Reminiscence 1

After we first moved into the duplex, my sister was able to buy a brand new washing machine and dryer. We have never had a new one in the entirety of our lives, child and adult, until this moment. When she first showed them to me, they were white and shiny and new.

“It’s like Christmas!” I exclaimed and hugged the machines.

(Don’t judge me, they were beautiful.)

(Or judge me, I don’t really care all that much.)

This was something that I often forgot, however, so my sister would take me to look at them every time I had a memory blank.

“It’s like Christmas!” I would exclaim all over again and hug the machines as if I had never seen them before.

She enjoyed this display so much, my sister would take every opportunity to show them to me whenever I forgot that we had moved to the duplex.

I wonder if any who read this have had some kind of similar event in their lives. Not the memory blank, but the same feeling of surprised joy every time they saw something or someone.


4 thoughts on “Like Christmas – Ramble-y Reminiscence 1

  1. Ah such a great feeling of privilege, eh? my mother always had a wringer washer and refused to get an automatic washer until 30 years ago. I bought our first ‘new’ set 20 yrs after our marriage…nice feeling!!


    • It is a wonderful feeling to have something you use so much be new. Of course, any set that you get for the first time is wonderful. (Except when the dryer randomly decides to break in the middle of a snowy winter… That was a ‘fun’ time to hang dry everything.)


      • After my divorce I moved to a another city 6 hrs from home…first time I experienced lugging my laundry to a laundry mat…in my small hometown, I had friends, family and married well…we had it. It was a good way to catch up on your reading but still…and for 10 yrs thereafter we had machines in our building but nothing you couild throw in your own unit…I have a second hand 30 yr Maytag now and I am in heaven!


      • (*nods and smiles*) For a while at the last house we all lived in both machines broke, so we had to lug our laundry to a laundromat as well. It seemed impossible to do as there were ten of us living there at the time…


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