Don’t Look Away – Traces Prompt #6

There’s never enough time to say
Rarely have I met someone like you.
And keep in mind that I mean it this way,
Not to be confused.
So keep in mind I’m as lost as you.
Last time we talked this out for so long
And yet nothing came from it.
This is getting down to my last nerve!
I know that you can be reasonable!
Of course you’re not going to reason with me.
Now maybe people will see the side of you I’ve lived with all this time.

They’ll never believe you.

Please keep in mind I’ve said this
Enought times;
Now you say, “But I didn’t know!”
Don’t think that I’ve already forgotten!
I know that it can be hard, but
Never will I forget that you turned away.
Getting out of the consequences? I think not.

You didn’t want to open your eyes.

Written for last week’s Traces Prompt:

Sorry this is late! These last few weeks have been crazy.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Look Away – Traces Prompt #6

  1. This is so good, Martha! I can relate to these miscommunications in many ways just thinking back at my past marriage…and I’m sure in other less intimate situations. We do see what we want to see sometimes…listening is a lot harder than one thinks, I suppose and looking down at one’s navel seems so tempting. Thanks for participating…you remind me of clients in a group who are more quiet and introverted and at the end of a workshop, we will go in a circle to ask everyone how they are and if there is anything they want to contribute and BAM I am always floored with the wisdom a quiet person will share!


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