Waiting – Traces Prompt #7

She’d been waiting forever, it seemed.

(It really had been forever as far as others were concerned. There are few people who’ve seen the rise and fall of civilizations like Rome and the Mayans; the rise and fall of empires across the globe.)

She hadn’t been alone, and thank heavens for that.

(There have been others, others that they met, that had been alone for far too long. They’d had to ‘put them down’ and that hadn’t been enjoyable.

Killing someone that was more like you than just about anyone or anything else was never pleasant.)

Waiting for someone, something, to come about.

It had been a very long wait, but it had been worth it.

That is what Comet, as she was now known as, told herself as she defended the Royal Nursery from the Enemy. She wasn’t going to let her queen down.

(Even if it meant waiting longer with only half a mind to work with. At least she’d never be waiting alone.)

(Star hadn’t realized what she’d felt until too late, but she had never left her other half alone in all their waiting; she wasn’t very well going to abandon her sister now.)

(No one wanted to wait alone.)

Written for last week’s Traces Prompt: https://tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/waiting-haibun-traces-prompt-7/

Sorry this is late again, Olianna!


5 thoughts on “Waiting – Traces Prompt #7

    • Thank you. (*smiles*)

      I just like getting it done before the next prompt is out. I kept telling myself that I’d get catch it the next day, but this last week I’ve been a little brain dead (very, very tired) and when I saw the new prompt this morning I was like, “Is it Thursday already? When did that happen?”

      I’m glad you like it.


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