“Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“Tell anyone what?”

“Thanks, you’re a good friend.”

“No seriously, what were we talking about?”

This has actually happened to me more than once. My mind will randomly blank and ‘drop’ whatever it was I was doing, including conversations. Even in the middle of a sentence.

Will someone please tell me
How I ended up in this room?
At last I can remember
There was somewhere else I was to be.
Why is it that I can’t speak?
As I know that I was moments ago…
So often I sit with a confused mind.
I don’t understand how I remember only bits and pieces.
Don’t forget, I tell myself
Only for it to disappear anyway.
I can’t trust my memory
Not with what is happening.
Got to find that journal and write.

8 thoughts on “What?

      • Gosh I just had a second acupuncture session yesterday he mentioned migraines as being one of the things acupuncture works amazingly well for. Am hoping it works for my pain though it’s not in my head often x


      • I’m much too nervous to try acupuncture (but sometimes I really wish I could!) I do have a friend and a sister that have studied either message therapy and the like and they practice their techniques on me. Probably one of the few reasons I’m still so functional!


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