Second Eldest, First to Help – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my second eldest sister. You can’t see her right now, but she’s learning how to make carrot fritters. Just another thing she’s learning/learned how to do in order to stretch our food storage abilities. (We also learned how to freeze eggs for storage earlier this week and have been making pickles and jam/preserves. We’ve also made freezer fries and carrots. So many carrots…)

But the point is, my sister has really stepped up. She’s been raising her three children without their father and helping me and our mom as well as anyone else in our family who needs help.)

She’s really an awesome woman.

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9 thoughts on “Second Eldest, First to Help – Thankful Thursday

    • You whisk the eggs together in a bowl and then try and scoop the resultant yellow goop into ice trays and put them in the freezer till frozen. Then you run the back of the ice trays under hot water while stopping to twist the sides. Once you’re pretty sure the eggs are loose enough, get a paper towel (or something like it) and place it on the counter. Thunk the ice tray upside down over the towel to get the frozen cubes out. If some of the cubes don’t come out after a few thunks, run more hot water over the back of the tray in that spot. Place the cubes in another freezer bag and put that back in the freezer. One cube should equal about half a large egg no matter what size eggs you use to make the scramble.

      I only knew you could freeze ’em. My sister looked up the rest and what wasn’t covered, we just guessed.


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