Mary held the man’s hand in her own and slipped a simple golden ring onto one finger before kissing him on the forehead. She stood up and stepped away from his crumpled body. She took a step towards the man in front of her.

He watched her take several more steps forward, his yellow eyes watchful.

“I know you, sir, and I would like to buy your contract.”

The man didn’t say anything, merely nodded his head in the direction of another man, this one blonde and looking more slight than he.

Mary nodded, “I will buy his contract as well, if that is what you wish.”

The man in front of her smiled.

“I admire your audacity in trying to hire my men away from me while I’m right here.”

Mary simply turned and looked at the new man in front of her. The other men stopped moving, the first one, the one she’d spoken to, had a flash of something in his eyes before it was hidden away behind his stoic facade.

The new comer wore a three piece suit, his hair neatly combed back from his face. He looked confident, unconcerned with what his lackeys and his mark had been conversing about. Like there was no way his men could turn on him, not because they were loyal but because they had much more to lose should they turn on him.

“I have much more than simple audacity.” Mary whispered as a wind started to slowly tug at her hair and clothing, slowly growing in intensity.

A quick glance from those standing around Mary or behind her showed that no one was really certain where it was coming from. The skies were clear and no one else were making any kind of gestures that would bring about the surge of power, pure unadulterated power that was growing.

“Oh this is too precious,” the cultured man smiled mockingly, “You truly think you have the ability to stop me.”

“I don’t think anything.”Mary continued to whisper, but everyone present could hear her voice as if she were whispering it directly in their ears. “I know it.”

I had started this installment last week, actually, but I couldn’t find the ending until I read the Friday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge today. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the word limit requirements, but i’m going to keep it as is anyway.

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