She lay back and listened to the sounds around her. The whir of the fans, the sound of water turning on and off, the footsteps up and down the hall, voices from a television set and from her family.

It was a quiet day, a slow day, a day to just sit and listen to life around you.

She let out a sigh and smiled as she closed her eyes.


4 thoughts on “Listen

  1. So madam Stout you are engaging and write about science fiction and are fun to read! I nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. Here’s a link to the nomination post


  2. Lord I mixed you up! I am so sorry! You are the wonderful writer who has musicians in her family! I still nominated you but, I mixed up your user name. You don’t do science fiction you write about life and it’s thought provoking! I am embarrassed, forgive me!


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