Things to Remember

First and foremost
Only do what is needed.
Listen to what people aren’t saying.
Listen to how they say what they do.
Order people with respect that you want to be shown.
Wait and calm down before handing out punishments.
The truth isn’t easy to take.
Help people,
Even when you get nothing.
Include people in games.
Never teach hate.
Speak softly,
Tread with caution,
Revenge never ends well.
Understanding is not the same,
Caring can be silent,
The thought doesn’t always count.
sometimes is more important than the we.
On family, all bets are off.
Not coming is not the same as rejecting.
Some things are just too painful to remember.

I tried to keep this within the 100 word limit, but went a little over. This one was a bit more difficult for me to get out so I’m just going to leave it as is. This was for today’s prompt from Light and Shade Challenge.


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