Healing Love

Hurts amass over time,
I‘d like to think that I more sturdy than most.
Don’t forget that you will always carry
Disaster hiding in plain sight.
Everything has to begin somewhere.
Now will you ignore your scars, or respect them?
How is it that you come along
Even when my pains not gone
And hold me safe inside your arms
Letting love heal all my harms.
Even when I shout and cry
Really you are my favorite guy.

She wasn’t quite sure how to feel so she just sat there, tears streaming silently down her face. The ring that had held a place of pride on her hand now sat in her hand, the cold of the metal seeming to dull the gem that had previously shined in delight.

The door to her room opened and the pitter-patter of feet moving softly over the carpet came to a halt by her bedside. A plate was placed gently on the end table and the bed dipped as an arm came up and around her shoulders.

She said nothing as a hand gently guided her face onto a stronger shoulder and she cried out her sorrows on the shoulder of her brother.

The pie on the plate sat a silent testament to how well he knew her heart.

Both parts inspired in equal parts from Light and Shade Challenge from yesterday and the Dungeon Prompt from last Thursday.


18 thoughts on “Healing Love

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  2. I don’t know the history behind your poem or story, but it is very moving. I can “feel” the comfort you were getting from your brother and I love the surprise of the last line.


    • He’s probably one of the most comforting individuals I have ever met. And I’m glad you liked that last line. I wasn’t going to put it at first, but them it felt incomplete without it.


    • Sometimes you find someone who was meant to be a brother and they don’t have a sister either. I met someone like that when I was in high school and so I adopted him as another brother. (I have more girls than boys in my family.)


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