To The Left

Take the path you are suited for
Or the path will choose you instead.
The path that you choose will twist and turn,
Help you or hurt you or send in a landslide.
Eventually, you will experience pain.
Leave the pain, don’t carry it with you
Even if you hold it for a while.
Find a moment to set it down
To give your arms some rest.
Remember to put the glass down.
image: found on IWSMT

Inspired by the quote from today’s prompt for Light and Shade Challenge.

The joke behind the ‘to the left’ part is a hike I went on for Girls Camp one year. We had a brand new Stake President and on the 3rd year hike (that I went with as a youth camp leader) we came to a fork in the road. Our Stake President was in charge of the hike and he chose the right. He lost us for over three hours. I fell into a hole at one point during the hike to find where we went wrong. He should have chosen the left.


6 thoughts on “To The Left

  1. Your poem and story reminded me of Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, which is one of my favourites. I think you explore similar thoughts, although your tone is much more direct. I really enjoyed reading your entry.


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