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Better Times

Matt wasn’t as clueless as everyone seemed to think. He knew that Mom was working herself to a very thin thread and that she didn’t sleep at night even if there were never any bags under her eyes. That Terry was … Continue reading

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Confusing Lyrics – Ramble-y Reminiscence 4

What a laugh it would have been, if Daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night! Spent most of my childhood thinking this song was a prelude to a long divorce process. And Mom and Dad can hardly … Continue reading

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Curl Up

Crash, try not to burn World spins, stomache lurches fast Curl up, wait for end.   Yeah, ‘nother day of not much.

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Not Much Here

Lazy Saturday Wrapped in blankets warm and safe Rain comes pouring down.   There won’t be much more today.

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Women’s Intuition I have no idea what this means. I’ve heard it referenced nearly all my life, but whatever it is has continued to elude me. Any kind of ability, in my experience, has been equal between men and women … Continue reading

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Life Happens – Thankful Thursday

If we’re  brave enough to not be victims. –Must Be This Tall To Ride I’ve had a lot happen to me in my life. I’ve had a lot happen to my family and not just me, but when I read … Continue reading

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What makes a hero? Someone who is selfless? Someone who is selfish? Someone who stands and fights or waits for a moment to make a substantial change? Is it someone who lives to the best of their ability doing what … Continue reading

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