Humorous Kitty – Thankful Thursday

This morning, after returning home from my morning walk with Sissy, my cat Usako was super energized. She was running all over the house and then outside when I came home and left the door open. She runs in and out now and then.

She runs here, there and everywhere and never stops to think.

image: martha0stout's phone
image: martha0stout’s phone

I’m grateful for my kitty, even when she’s tripping me up all over the house.

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8 thoughts on “Humorous Kitty – Thankful Thursday

  1. Lovely baby would certainly be a nice companion for my Bette who needs the exercise. I noticed the neighbour upstairs has a kitten…can hear it race back and forth when they get in from work. So I am assuming they keep her in one room when they are away. Well, that’s great for the Fall as my other neighbours seem to have mice…Bette keeps guarding one cupboard door…the one wehre I found a visitor last winter. So when I go to bed I keep that door open so Bette can stand guard:)


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