Challenges – Thankful Thursday

Sometimes, God puts you on your back so the only place you can look is up. –Skye Alexander, What happens when the fearful finally listen? Peace.

image: martha0stout's phone
image: martha0stout’s phone

Today I am grateful for the challenges in my life, without them I wouldn’t be who I am.

For my constant headaches which have taught me tolerance and empathy.

For my constant dizziness and vertigo, for letting me dance without moving.

For my early morning waking up to walk Sissy because I can watch the sunrise with a good friend.

For my constant spraining of my ankles as a child because now when my nieces and nephews do so, I know what to do and have wraps and splints saved in good condition.

For my funny reaction to sugar, because it can make my niece laugh even when she’s been bullied horribly at school. (Note: this happened several years ago, she’s doing much better now.)

For my being unable to drive, because it means I appreciate my family all the more when we run errands together.

For the nights spent trying to get baby nieces and nephews to go to sleep because now I appreciate all the better the hours that I get to sleep when they’re older.

For the loss of a my cat after moving because if I had not had recent experience, I would not have payed as much attention to missing pet posters.

For all the years with clothing not fitting properly, because it made me more eager to learn how to sew from my mother to fix them.

For all the sorrows in my life, because they have made more willing to give someone who is late or doesn’t even show up the benefit of the doubt when life happens to them too.

I am grateful for my life trials because without them, I would be a very different person than I am now and I like who I am.

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14 thoughts on “Challenges – Thankful Thursday

  1. I love this, Dear Friend. It always blesses my heart reading what others are thankful for….reminds me to look at certain things in my own life. Hugs!! Thanks for the shout out, too! šŸ™‚


  2. Martha – Now you made me tear up! This post is so beautifully written. It takes an incredible soul to see goodness/God’s hand in everything even trials and hardship. Thank you for this.
    Thank you also for the link to Skye’s blog. Love the quote!


  3. It is wonderful that you see how all the trials and tribulations of your life have made you the person that you are. That is so very important. It gives us strength, sympathy and hopefully courage to face anything that comes our way in the future. Great post and thank you.


  4. Gosh – what a wonderful list – it causes me to look at the little irritations in my own life with new eyes. Thanks for sharing Martha.


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