Female Overload – SoC

There is always a degree of separation involved in any kind of family living style. It can vary greatly on the amount of people you live with, the age of those people and how much space you have as a whole in which to live. Cultural norms for a family also effect this.

Living with a bunch of sisters also makes changes to privacy and separation.

Don’t forget that we’re always here
Even when you’ve just woken up.
Girls around every corner
Right where you least expect it!
Ever will you have to have emotional control
Even when you feel like a troll.

My poor youngest sibling, my younger brother, spent most of his childhood and teenage years being the only guy in a house of seven females (mother included there). Even with pets, we females always outnumbered them!

Now, as an adult, he still lives with more females as he shares an apartment with one of our sisters and a cat who is also a girl. He’s got some backup from our nephews, though, as we have more of them than we have nieces (boys: 7, girls: 3); when it comes to, as my mother calls them her grand-dogs and grand-cats (my brother and his wife can’t have children and so have dogs) we once again have more females than males (girl pets: 6, boy pets: 3).

My younger brother is also the least likely to get angry (I have never seen him truly angry and am kind of afraid of what it would take) and the first to forgive.

This little post was inspired by the Stream of Consciousness prompt for this weekend.


11 thoughts on “Female Overload – SoC

  1. I like this and can relate to this one. Your poor brother must be a saint as it seems he was always in the minority. Our house has 6 girls (wife, 2 daughters, and 3 female doges) and 4 boys (me, my son, and 2 male dogs). When my son was in the army it was 6 on 3…somehow even though the odds are somewhat closer right now it still feels like we are greatly outnumbered.

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  2. Our households can certainly make an impact on who we become. I was the opposite. Most of my childhood years (I’m a girl) were shared with 4 brothers. We had a blast growing up!


    • Sounds like fun! I know my eldest niece was the only girl amongst the grandchildren for quite a while. Every time one of her aunts and/or uncles got married or pregnant, she would, quite seriously, inform us that we had to have a girl first.

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