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Peeking Rainbow – Silent Sunday

image: from martha0stout’s phone Advertisements

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I’m Finished!

Today is a wonderful day for me because I have finished the month-long challenge for National Novel Writing Month. I will now set aside that draft for at least a month so that I can work on something else. I … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the Ruins

It was a beautiful place, the green of the forest cradling the charred remains of the house, the steel beams that would have held it up under the worst of earthquakes still standing. The birds were chirping quietly overhead and … Continue reading

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Holiday Homework – Thankful Thursday

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving. If you ask my niece and nephews why I am a horrible aunt, they will tell you many things, but right now my eldest nephew will mostly say it’s because I make him do holiday … Continue reading

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I’d rather be a mother

This is a poem that my family has had for several years, it was a present given to my mother when I was a teen. This poem popped into my mind when I was reading a post over at Afternoon … Continue reading

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First Step

It’s not anger that is the true villain here But fiery frustration. It is the gateway to the greater toxic emotion But anger isn’t the first step. Frustration is sometimes a notorious swing It can move by so fast That … Continue reading

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Stratosphere Contemplations

She gazed below as the ground continued to move underneath her. She was high up in the atmosphere, mostly in the outer reaches of the Earth’s gravitational pull and yet still close enough to see as the planet turned. ‘It … Continue reading

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