Cry Against Your Chest – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for hugs, because they are always there when I need them the most.

Here I stand against the world, thinking I am alone
Until you came up behind my back and around me slipped your arms.
Going on you don’t have to walk alone, you remind me,
So lay your head against my chest and cry until you rest.

Remember to check out the original Thankful Thursday.


5 thoughts on “Cry Against Your Chest – Thankful Thursday

  1. Nice poem, you wrote a….forgot the name, but this poem has actually a name, and I know because when I wrote a poem that I called SWAT, they pointed out the name that I have now forgot, damn where is my mind. Anyways the one that you form a word by having the first word of the line forming a word, sorta made sense what I said.


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