That’s What I Am

By looking away, am I taking part?
Under pressure, will I become what I hate?
Look in the mirror and think about my own fate,
Listen to my heart as well as to my head and
Yearn to be the kind of person who stands above the rest.

Human Dignity + Compassion = PEACE

–Mr. Simon, “That’s What I Am”
Variety is something always found here.
Innocence does not have a mold,
Compassion is not always learned there.
To decide if you will stand up for yourself
Is not the only question that will be uttered.
Many find their path in trying to escape.
Life is about time, opportunity and choices… Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you can.
–Mr. Simon, “That’s What I Am”

This was doubly inspired by the movie “That’s What I Am” and also by Cheryl over at Stop the Stigma.


8 thoughts on “That’s What I Am

  1. Beautiful, hauntingly so, I have not seen the movie but I will try to see if I can. I’ve been trying to read your poetry without reading the words the first letters spell out, I feel it helps me to get the emotion of it better-does that make sense? I have a friend that was horribly beaten in junior high, I have felt those emotions, I wish there was a way to end it forever. She said to me once that “all girls should be locked up during puberty.” She was joking of course but the reasoning behind it is sometimes true, girls can be so mean during puberty. Thank you for sharing this.


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