Answer to Bunches of Wrinkles

I am so sorry! I completely forgot to post this when I posted my other thing for today. (looks sheepish)

So here is the answer for Bunches of Wrinkles:


image: from martha0stout’s phone


This was the picture that I used and I had a lot of good guesses that came really close!

image: from martha0stout's phone, my niece Hazel

image: from martha0stout’s phone, my niece Hazel

There’s the shot it came from! That’s my second eldest niece when she was six or so with her hair done up in rag curlers by her Granny Mary.


2 thoughts on “Answer to Bunches of Wrinkles

  1. haha that is so funny, you know it was so distored i never would have guessed it to be a child, i had thought it was your hair or something, that is such a cute photograph lol, did you do her hair ilke this? x


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