Breathing Through A Dream

Don’t give up on what you feel in your bones

Remember that it helps you to breathe

Even when you’re bruised and broken

A moment with this is more than enough

Maybe that vision is who you really are

If only you let yourself dream you’d learn that you can still breathe

Written sort of for the Dungeon Prompt: Faith, Tolerance and Mutual Appreciation. Check out Sreejit’s post for this prompt as well! Also, finally learned how to embed a video on my blog.


About martha0stout

I like to read and write and hang out with my family and friends. I currently live on a farm and all that such a living entails.
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12 Responses to Breathing Through A Dream

  1. Gretiana says:

    Thank you for these words of encouragements


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  3. Cool, very interesting piece when taken in light of the prompt. Love the song, hadn’t heard it before.


  4. Very wise words to end the year on Martha, may you and your family have a safe and Happy New Year. 🙂


  5. Karuna says:

    Videos aren’t working for me now but I love your poem.


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