Sixteen Months Ago – Thankful Thursday

Sixteen months ago I was still a little new to my blog, despite the fact that I had it up for several years before that. It was put up nominally because I had to for several of my classes in college. As soon as I finished those assignments, I promptly forgot I had a blog at all.

I was such a short-sighted little thing in my early twenties. (shakes head in amusement)

Anyway, after several years of having different family members (and some friends) mention that I should really try blogging considering how much I love to write, I finally ‘gave in’ and went to create one. Imagine my surprise when on randomly checking my email before actually doing so I found an email that I’d received from WordPress letting me know that there were new options for my blog. At the time I wondered, “How did they know?” Now I’m perfectly aware that they send out such emails several times a month whenever they update something (because the people who run this show are awesome like that.)

Anyway, today I’m grateful for the timing that they had at that moment because otherwise I would not be here writing, at all. So thank you, WordPress for sending out update emails so often.

Timing is everything after all.

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6 thoughts on “Sixteen Months Ago – Thankful Thursday

  1. Timing is everything! I came to WordPress pretty randomly on a friends suggestion, and I was like, ok whatever, sounds good… But it has certainly been rewarding.


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