So Angry I Forgot Why I Was Angry

The hardest part about the kids cleaning the kitchen every night is when they get into arguments over the littlest of things. Sometimes they get so into the argument that when someone comes over to help break up the fight and ask what caused it this happens:


“Well, you see it’s like this-”

“This is what happened-”

“It was because of her!”

“-no it was because of him!”

“What was the fight even about?”

Long pause as everyone looks anywhere but at the adult.

“You don’t remember do you?”

Little nods as eye contact is still studiously avoided.


2 thoughts on “So Angry I Forgot Why I Was Angry

  1. This certainly happens with kids and it doesn’t end when they get older either. My 21 and 24 year olds still argue about stuff although it is a lot more playful now then it was when they were small. In fact it’s kind of funny to see and hear, we all wind up laughing. 🙂


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