Eclectic Corner #4 – Protection, What?

Here’s another attempt at Justine’s Eclectic Corner: Protection. Please forgive my poor camera phone’s lack of ‘skills’ when it comes to the finer details. Have fun guessing what this is cropped from! And don’t worry, Justine, I will include a poem with the reveal post once the challenge is over.

image: martha0stout’s phone




13 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner #4 – Protection, What?

  1. oooh la la how did I miss this. Never apologise for photography skills, your words outsmart and wow me on every move and I like this photo, now I am guessing it is a tent? Unless you decided to make a tent in your bed? lolol, but that would not surprise me for some reason…haha..runz away before getting caught xx

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  2. ooooh i forgot to say dont forget to put yourself in to the Inlinkz on teh page from my post i dont see it there, i know the grand reveal is Sat so erm still trying to guess. Everyone has done realy hard ones this time lol


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