No One Knows – Eclectic Corner #5

My friend I wait at your feet
Along the path we walk
So walk slow or fast with me
To where e’er together we will be
Even as the streets we stalk
Reach out to our heartbeat.
Please keep nearby
Even as I cry
To have you by my side.

Each day was much the same, waiting for My Boy to come home from school. He was always the first through the door and I was ready and waiting. I loved the others just as much, but My Boy was special. He needed me more than the others, not because life wasn’t just as hard or them but because My Boy didn’t have the same kind of support that his siblings had. I don’t understand much about humans, about how they decide who should and shouldn’t be their friend, but My Boy didn’t have friends his age. Those few that he did have were usually also friends with his siblings.

So during the times when it was just My Boy and me, before the others got home from school, or after school activities, he would curl up against me and with his face pressed into my belly and no one had to know about the tears soaking into my thick coat of fur.

No one had to know about the taunts he’d repeat.

No one had to know that his homework was done twice to hide the tear stains.

No one had to know about the smiles that look so broken, the ones that he practiced to make sure that no one could tell that they were broken.

No one had to know that My Boy’s siblings worried about him.

No one had to know that they would whisper into my ears about their fears.

“He never talks about school.”

“He only hangs out with us when we ask him to, he used to ask to spend time with us all the time.”

“I haven’t seen him happy about anything outside of the house in months.”

“I just don’t know what to do, Rabby.”

So I sit there, curled around My Boy and wait because there is nothing more I can do.

This little story snippet and poem was inspired by the picture prompt from Eclectic Corner #5 for this week from the lovely Justine.


11 thoughts on “No One Knows – Eclectic Corner #5

  1. My eldest said “that was quite sad, it was sad about the kid”…my youngest said “why did he have no friends” “I like the story well i dont like how he has no friends, it is quite sad” and I listened to their comments as I wipe away my tears awe that was really sad Martha 😦

    Thank you for joining, I think I have started off a sad moment, shrek said to me about my story “well i like stories but well they always seem to be rather sad” haha…i think he might have a point…

    YOu have just christened my writing prompt, thank you, it’s off with a bang now you are here my dear xxx

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    • I was going to end it differently, had it all planned out and then it ended and dared me to try and change it. I have tried changing them before and it never ended well for me…

      I’m sorry it was so sad and made your kids sad. Sometimes, after I’ve written something, I ask myself, “Why do I write these things?”

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  2. Such an interesting way to put the question — why are some kids singled out, and some aren’t? It is indeed hard to explain —

    Makes you think.

    What a loving little doggie!

    A great write —

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  3. Ah … one wonders why there are people who are just can’t make friends … why those connections aren’t made … I was always a loner and never knew quite why, though I never taunted, I could chit chat, but never made friends … my youngest too is a loner, and he is a very personable bright lad. It’s just how it is sometimes I guess.

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