Lonely Library

It was lonely here. Likely because, though she could no longer feel her sister she knew that she should.

Alex didn’t often let her stay anywhere alone for very long. She was grateful for that, more than grateful.

She wasn’t certain what would have happened if she had been alone.

Mary (and it was very strange to think that was her name now) pulled out a book from the shelves standing in front of her and flipped through it halfheartedly. The story was one of those ‘old’ books written back before the turn of the century. Her eyes slid over the words and Mary didn’t absorb anything about them, couldn’t even tell anyone what they were talking about so she closed the old and valuable book and placed it back on the shelf in front of her.

“You know that book’s actually pretty interesting to read.”

Mary didn’t jump, didn’t even startle, when Alex spoke up from behind her. She simply nodded without even looking at him.

Even if she didn’t want to be alone, she had yet been able to talk overly much about anything.

Alex was mostly fine with that and continued talking about the book, the author and even how it had made its way into his family’s collection.


Please Disregard This, Move Along

Re-watching “Babes in Toyland” with my sister, my mother and my sister’s kids. We’re actually at the part where the trees are taking everyone to The Toymaker.

I had this horrible thought.

What if The Toymaker was so feared by the trees-

“This is as far as we go

This is where your trouble begins.”

-because he turned trespassers into living dolls?

I promptly told my brain to shut up and my family, used to this, ignored me completely.

Go to your room, Groomio and invent something to destroy yourself!

—The Toymaker

Faithful Companions – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for the companionship of my cats and dog. Without them I know that I would have gone mad throughout my life. The companions may have changed in physical form, but I know that even when they pass on, they can continue to keep me company when I need it the most.

image; m

image: me and Tommy

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I hope to fix this link eventually.)

EDIT: Link updated March 7, 2015

I’ll Sit With You While You Ponder

Certainly there is an explanation for everything.
You just can’t expect me to believe without proof?
Not when there is a horrible history of con men in the world.
I want to trust, but been burned too many times.
Can’t you just accept that I can’t believe?
But there is so much more to life…
Even you admit that the pile of ‘coincidence’ is too great to be chance.
Like how the bee, so aerodynamically impossible, continues to fly.
I know that there are millions more examples to say
Even as I know you’re not ready to hear them all.
Very often I have found you lost in your thoughts
Especially when times have been hard and you want to cling to something.
Remember then, that I am here for you, you don’t have to face this alone.

Temperamental Weather

There doesn’t seem to be a point,
Even now, curled up in blankets though I am
My thermastat informs me that it is unusually warm.
Please explain to me, oh weather man, where is my snow?
Especially when Christmas is right at the door?
Really, if it’s going to be cold
At least give me some snow overnight!
Then again once the sun comes up…
Useless is the hard frost from the night,
Rarely does it survive the first few rays from the sun.
Especially since we’re in a ‘non-winter’ winter streak for some reason.
Can’t seem to make out what will happen,
How is the weather going to affect things?
And what is this going to mean for later?
Nothing is ever for one reason, not even the weather.
Get me going and I’ll talk all night about it
Even when I’m drooping and praying for snow or sun.

It’s been a record number of high temperatures this month in the Valley. There are little attempts here and there for snow to fall, but what little makes it to the ground melts within hours, if not minutes at times.

Change Can Be Irritating

It wasn’t done on purpose
Right or wrong though it may seem
Reality is what you make
I know it’s what you dream
Take away the lies
And hide away the reams
To what you find annoying
Even more than shattered dreams.

Sometimes I just find myself writing and what once started as something lighthearted becomes something else instead.