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Lonely Library

It was lonely here. Likely because, though she could no longer feel her sister she knew that she should. Alex didn’t often let her stay anywhere alone for very long. She was grateful for that, more than grateful. She wasn’t … Continue reading

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Please Disregard This, Move Along

Re-watching “Babes in Toyland” with my sister, my mother and my sister’s kids. We’re actually at the part where the trees are taking everyone to The Toymaker. I had this horrible thought. What if The Toymaker was so feared by … Continue reading

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Faithful Companions – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for the companionship of my cats and dog. Without them I know that I would have gone mad throughout my life. The companions may have changed in physical form, but I know that even when they … Continue reading

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I’ll Sit With You While You Ponder

Certainly there is an explanation for everything. You just can’t expect me to believe without proof? Not when there is a horrible history of con men in the world. I want to trust, but been burned too many times. Can’t … Continue reading

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Temperamental Weather

There doesn’t seem to be a point, Even now, curled up in blankets though I am My thermastat informs me that it is unusually warm. Please explain to me, oh weather man, where is my snow? Especially when Christmas is … Continue reading

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Change Can Be Irritating

It wasn’t done on purpose Right or wrong though it may seem Reality is what you make I know it’s what you dream Take away the lies And hide away the reams To what you find annoying Even more than … Continue reading

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Burning Bush – Silent Sunday

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