Empty Streets – Eclectic Corner #7

The street was empty save for one lone woman and her dog as they set out to begin their walk. Hopefully they would come across nothing foul nor deadly.

image: Mom and Sissy, from martha0stout's phone

image: Mom and Sissy, from martha0stout’s phone

Especially not a patch of ice where no one would see them tumble over like a pair of lonely dominoes! With the way the snow was coming down it was unlikely that anyone would be able to find them in time unless the faithful companion left her mistress in the cold and ice weather to seek out aid.

The dog would never leave her human behind, so it was with gratefulness that both returned home safely once the daily jaunt was complete.

This is a quick response to the Eclectic Corner #7: Street Life. I hope that this was enjoyable!


8 thoughts on “Empty Streets – Eclectic Corner #7

  1. wow oh my oh my that looks so so cold i am literally shivvering, wow, in shock slightly lol you poor thing! Thank you for joining in and showing us your North Pole encounters haha, gosh i am surprised your fingers thawed enough to type and join in the Eclectic Corner so I am humbled by you doing so xx

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