Frustrated Protectiveness

She gritted her teeth, but plowed on.


“Are you certain about this?”


“You’ve never been anywhere here by yourself yet. Please let me send someone as your, ah, guide.”

“I’m not taking a bodyguard.” Mary said flatly.

“They don’t have to be a bodyguard…”

“Oh I’m sure that wouldn’t be their official designation, but at the same time be at least a Third Degree Black Belt on the side, completely learned without your needing it required.”

“There’s no need to take that kind of tone with me.” Alex protested, “I’m just- I’m worried about you, Mary. If anyone ever finds out about our connection-“

“And having a bodyguard won’t out me in five seconds?”

Alex sighed, “I just want you to be safe should anything happen.”

Mary softened, “I know, Al, but I’ll be fine. You seem to forget that I know more about fighting than every single person in your employ.”

“I don’t want you to worry about breaking the seal and hurting yourself!”

“I know how to fight without my ‘extra abilities,’ Al.” her tone was drier this time and less sarcastic, “There have been plenty of times where I couldn’t use them either, brother-mine.”

He snorted, “And that won’t draw attention to you either, I suppose?”

Now Mary laughed, “There are plenty of young women in this day and age who have learned how to defend themselves. Unless I start sporting a colorful costume or a mask, I’m fairly certain that I won’t draw any more attention to myself than your average college student who knows how to defend herself against assault.”

“I reserve the right to have someone tail you every now and then just to reassure myself at least.”

“By all means, check the CCTV footage if you must, just so long as you use that subtlety that I know exists within you. Somewhere, anyway.”


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