You Hurt Me

Jane Austin’s books are something that have always been very near and dear to my heart. Every time my mother was pregnant, her mother gave her another copy of one of the novels. I’ve grown up listening to the books be talked about, watching different takes on them and reading them.

The first time I ever moved and we were looking through the house that we would eventually live in there was a closet with shelves in it. I was with my two younger siblings and we all made eye contact and laughed at the same time the line so well known from Pride and Prejudice tumbling from our mouths in sync.

“Shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed.”

I adore the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, it was the first one I ever watched and everything has always paled in comparison, but my favorite Jane Austin story is by and far Persuasion.

I didn’t much care for it as a child and it really only existed on the perimeter of my mind until I was an adult. The first time I watched it after graduating high school I realized that I loved it all the more for the sorrow that was within it as well as the happiness that does come at the end.

It’s a story about people who love each other and who hurt each other but keep trying to live. It’s not the end of the world for them and that is something that struck me solidly and still does whenever I think about it.

Yes, they were your love, maybe in even the truest love that you have ever or will ever have, but just because they’re gone (by death or choice or a hundred other things) doesn’t mean that you have to lay down at die. It is so easy to die for the ones that you love, but it is even more difficult to¬†live for them instead. Even when you think that they hate you.


Especially when you think or even know that they hate you.

Because your love is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of time and life going on.

Anyone Can Be A Hero

Just one person

Is all it takes

Just one person

Can raise the stakes

I’m lonely

And scare

And so very alone

I’m just one person

Out on my own

I look around

Life goes on and on

I never stop

When I see someone

Needing a shoulder to cry on

Too many will look around

See everyone else

Standing there

And think,

“Someone else

Will take care of this.”

Didn’t even know

What I was going to do

I was so confused

Felt I was stuck in glue

No one should have to stand

All alone

When facing the stand

So I stand beside them

Courage shared between strangers

Just one person

Is all it takes

Just one person

To even out the stakes

Nephew – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for my awesome nephew Cory. He’s always willing to share everything that he has even if he’s worked really hard to get it. He takes great delight in doing so. He’s very sweet and good-natured as well.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will update the link when able.)

EDIT: There was no original Thankful Thursday this week, but feel free to pick from the list the current link provides! (smiles)

Empty Streets – Eclectic Corner #7

The street was empty save for one lone woman and her dog as they set out to begin their walk. Hopefully they would come across nothing foul nor deadly.

image: Mom and Sissy, from martha0stout's phone

image: Mom and Sissy, from martha0stout’s phone

Especially not a patch of ice where no one would see them tumble over like a pair of lonely dominoes! With the way the snow was coming down it was unlikely that anyone would be able to find them in time unless the faithful companion left her mistress in the cold and ice weather to seek out aid.

The dog would never leave her human behind, so it was with gratefulness that both returned home safely once the daily jaunt was complete.

This is a quick response to the Eclectic Corner #7: Street Life. I hope that this was enjoyable!

Muddy Cotton – Random Moment

image: Cotton, from martha0stout's phone

image: Cotton, from martha0stout’s phone

She stared at me without comprehension, not certain of what I was doing. My sister held her tightly to her chest, careful of her face and worried that we were frightening the poor dear.

I had other thoughts on my mind such as, I really hope that Cotton continues to suffer us to clean the mud out from between her little toes with more patience than she usually shows when near a sink full of water. She seems annoyed that dipping her paws into the water to work the thick mud out before we can use a rag to get out the rest is necessary.

But she suffered it without clawing our faces off and there were plenty of opportunities to do so.

Ye Olde Movie

Watching movies from the ’80s is always an…experience. Yes, that is the word experience.

My mom likes to watch old movies, black and white and old ’50s movies and…anything before the ’90s really. Lately anyway.

Some of them are horrible romantic movies with a lot of action and gore at the same time.

And then there’s Old Yeller.

You never quite forget a movie like Old Yeller. (sniffles) Just finishing watching it with the kids, though the youngest wandered off during most of the movie and only really saw the very beginning and the end when the father comes back from the cattle drive. Lucky kid.

Maybe not even a thing you want to forget… Saying it’s one thing, doing it’s another.

-Papa, from “Old Yeller”

It’s a very sad movie, but at the same time, it has a hopeful ending.

Sabrina was also really good to watch. My mom loves any and every movie with Audrey Hepburn in it. That was one classy woman, both in movies and out of them.

I Don’t Run Warm

His breath shuddered out of him, turning white in the late winter air. He hurt, why did he hurt?

“Why do I hurt?”

His voice sounded breathless and he wondered why. He could actually see his breath because of the temperature. Which led him to another question

“Why aren’t I cold?”

He should be cold because the temperature is low enough that he can see the water in his breath crystallizing. He was not the kind of person who ‘ran warm’ as his mother used to put it. He was always cold even in the middle of summer when it was pushing 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

He gave up on trying to figure out just why he wasn’t cold and closed his eyes instead.