Library – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for city libraries and their wonderful free wifi that they share with people who don’t have internet at home. Like me.

image: chairs at the library, from martha0stout's phone

image: chairs at the library, from martha0stout’s phone

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EDIT: Link updated as of May 2, 2015.


Fear Not, I Am With Thee

‘Fear not, I am with thee

Oh be not afraid

For I am thy God

And will still give thee aid

I’ll strengthen thee,

Help thee

And cause thee to stand

Upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand.

–LDS Hymn Book #85 – How Firm A Foundation

I’m human, I fear things and I worry about things a lot.

I worry that the next litter of rabbits will die before they can grow old enough. We’ve already lost 2 of the 3 litters that our rabbits have had.

I worry that the littlest chickies won’t survive as we’ve already lost one of the new six.

I worry that the chickens that are almost full grown will die as we just lost one of them last week due to illness though the rest of the flock are doing well.

I worry that the goats will get loose and I won’t be able to track them down in time to get them to come back.

I worry that the boys will miss their bus to school and I have no other way to get them the twenty miles from our house to the school building.

I worry that my mom will fall over and we will have to wait, at best, almost an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

I worry about people that I don’t see every day or even once a month.

I worry a lot. It’s something that I have struggled with throughout the majority of my adult life.

But one thing that I never fear is that the Lord will not answer my prayers. That He will not send the Comforter to be with me in my time of sorrow when I hold seven little bunnies who didn’t make it through the night. That He won’t prompt a neighbor to randomly drop by when I just need someone to talk to about nothing in particular. That He won’t find some other way to send me the aid I need even if it’s only my cat curling up on me at night and purring me to sleep after several sleepless hours.

I don’t fear His abandonment and so long as He walks with me then I know that I will not fall. Or if I do, He will be there to offer me a hand and pull back onto my feet and into His arms.

This little rant was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Fear, How Do You Use It?

Read It and Weep

Stop thinking that you have a chance

Even though at you they never glance.

Like anyone would care

For when accepting what you dare.

Laughter follows you all day long

Oh even when you’re home alone

As the mouth in the mirror laughs

Telling you you’re all you have.

How could anyone care at all?

It really shouldn’t make you fall.

Now go to bed and sleep just right

Getting what you need only at night.

Don’t worry. I’m fine. This just sprang to mind after reading something about a teenager that was going through hard times. It made my heart wither when I thought that this was the kind of thing going through their mind. Reading about it just made me cry and I had to get these words out.

Chickies Update – Feathers vs Fluff

The chickies are getting even bigger! Their feathers coming in makes them look quite strange as they still have some of their downy fluff. I wasn’t able to catch a picture of one of the yellow chickies stretching as that makes the distinction between fluff and feather all the more apparent.


image: from martha0stout’s phone


image: from martha0stout’s phone