Scrabble for purchase in any way!

Leap about and try to get away!

In a moment, a gash is left behind

Perhaps for the holder to keep in mind…

Wasn’t holding one of our new rabbits securely enough when I leaned over for something. She, the rabbit, accidentally caught me at just the right angle with one of her hind claws. Ouch. This picture is from a day after the scratch:

image: martha0stout's phone

image: martha0stout’s phone

2 thoughts on “Carefully!

    • I’d never thought about it much as a child, before we had guinea pigs when I was about nine. I knew that the two animals were similar in features when it came to claws so I just hadn’t realized how sharp they could be! Luckily, it’s all healed up by now and even the scar is slowly vanishing.


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