Kind Words – Thankful Thursday

How often do we speak kind words to each other? –Linda K. Burton

For a while, I was having a very hard time with my in ability to do anything. This was several years ago and just as I was adjusting to adult life while struggling with my lack of energy and my health, which at the time wasn’t very good at all. Getting out of bed seemed impossible at the time and getting dressed wasn’t even on my mind. My head always ached and at times any kind of light was too much. My sister’s children tried their hardest to be quiet, but even the sound of the wind on the window caused lances of pain in my head.

I was becoming bitter and so incredibly melancholy that nothing helped.

One day, my sister turned to me and told me (after a rather harsh argument over…something…I cannot remember now) that ‘just because you are feeling miserable does not give you the right to make those around you just as miserable. Why don’t you try thinking of at least one positive thing about every person you come across during the day?’

It was something I’d never thought about.

I had been a generally happy (and over excitable) child and had rarely had to worry about being too negative, so I had never practiced being positive about things.

So I started a list that I kept on my computer (because I wrote a lot during those months before I started getting stronger). I called it ‘Positive Side of Life List’ and I added to it every single day until, several months later, I realized that the first things I thought about weren’t negative, whether they were about me or someone else. There are still times when I go back and look through that list, but I am always grateful for that suggestion (though at the time it was closer to a demand) from my sister. It was just what I needed.

Sometimes kind words come after a harsh scolding.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will update the link when able.)

EDIT: Link updated as of May 2, 2015.

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